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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

You can't deny that Hong Kong is a special place, a diverse city where old meets new, city bustle meets green mountains & East meets West. With this being said you can imagine there is opportunity for photographers to capture an immense range of beautiful images. Today i'm going to introduce you to 3 less visited areas of Hong Kong where you can photograph some beautiful views of the city and some unique architecture.

Choi Hung Estate Built in the 1960's, Choi Hung Estate is one of the most striking backdrops you can find in Hong Kong, its vibrant colours that are rumoured to have been painted to uplift the residents spirits, giving it the nickname 'The Rainbow Estate'. The best area to photograph is right above the car park in the estates' basketball court, where you can find residents of the state playing basketball, the older generation having a stroll and much to no one's surprise, a whole lot of people doing the same thing you are doing there - taking photos for their instagram!

How to get there: Take the MTR to Choi Hung station which is located on the Kwun Tong line and take either exit C3 or C4. Once you come out of the MTR exit you will be able to see the estate to your left, once you've located the parking lot walk up the set of stairs and you will find yourself in the basketball courts. Yick Fat Building (AKA Monster Building) Yik Fat Building famously known by Hong Kongers as 'Monster Building' is actually a complex with five connecting buildings - Fook Cheong Building, Montane Mansion, Oceanic Mansion, Yick Cheong Building and Yick Fat Building). These blocks of buildings which are located on King's Road in Quarry Bay were also built in the 1960's to cater for low income families in the area. This block of buildings which resemble a walled city boasts of appearing in some Hollywood films such as Transformers: Age of Extinction. You will usually find the courtyard full of photographers with their tripods trying to encapture the monstrosity of these dense buildings. You will also find a lot of signs that prohibit visitors from climbing on structures to take pictures as residents have began to get annoyed at all the people who pass by for the perfect instagram shot! (So don't forget to be respectful to the residents of this estate).

How to get there: The Monster Building is fairly easy to find, if you take the MTR to Quarry Bay Station and exit through Exit A you can walk along King's road to Tai Koo. After passing the junction to Mount Parket you will see the entrance to the building on your right. If you would like to see my friend Cat & I on a little exploration of these two housing estates you can watch the video below:

Braemar Hill We are so accustomed to seeing views of Hong Kong Island from TST side and vice versa, but hiking up to Braemar Hill gives you a more unique perspective of the city from a different angle, as well as allowing you to capture Hong Kong Island, TST and the Victoria harbour all in the same shot! To get to this location we took the ‘long’ way, we got lost and did not really know which way we were going, so instead of taking the 20 minutes that google suggested it would take, it took us over an hour.

TIP: Make sure you bring water & suitable footwear. Ruth and I thought it would be a quick brisk walk and we only thought to bring a small bottle of water, as well as both of us wearing sandals since we did not realise it would turn into a full on hike. Once we arrived there it was surely worth it, the views were spectacular & it made for an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for my portraits of Ruth. 

How to get there:  Just like the route to Monster Building you take the MTR to Quarry Bay and take Exit A, walk along King's Road until you reach the junction for Mount Parker. Here you will turn left and go uphill towards the hiking trail. About half an hour up a pretty steep hill you will see a sign post leading to Sir Cecil's Ride, during this walk you get some great views of the city. Now this bit is tricky to follow because this is where you need to walk off the trail. About 15 minutes into Sir Cecil's Ride trail you will need to begin to pay attention to the trees on your left until you see some ribbons tied to them. This is your cue to venture into the unbeaten path and follow the trees with the ribbons until the rocks and bushes open up to this amazing view you see in the pictures. Now that you have learnt about these 3 awesome Insta worthy locations, grab your camera and go and explore the less known parts of Hong Kong!

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